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Anna Maria Island Beach Sands

Contact Host
Gulf Dr. N., Bradenton Beach
  • Apt/Condo
  • 1 King
  • 1 Queen
  • 1 Twin
  • Wi-Fi
  • Paved Parking
  • TV
  • BBQ Area
  • Air Condintioner
  • Private Pool
  • Natural View

Surrounded by water with the Gulf of Mexico to the west, the Intra-Coastal Waterway to the east, Tampa Bay to the north and Sarasota Bay to the south. We have the best location on Anna Maria Island where the island is only 150 yards wide. Our complex stretches from the Gulf to the Intra-Coastal Waterway. We have private beach access and there are more than twelve restaurants you can walk to in just a few minutes.

Anna Maria Island is not a place where you go to the beach. When you are on Anna Maria Island you are at the beach.

The Anna Maria Island Beach Sands Condo directly overlooks the Gulf of Mexico is an immaculate 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, first floor condo surrounded by four tropical bodies of water with the Gulf Of Mexico to the West, Tampa Bay to the North, Sarasota Bay to the South and Florida's Intra-Coastal Waterway to the East.

The Anna Maria Island beach re-nourishment has just been completed. We are proud to offer you the most beautiful white powder sand beaches you will find anywhere in the world. Please refer to the first three photos I took myself of our condo, our private beach access and our breathtaking beach.

Featured here is a gorgeous contemporary built and elegantly furnished Anna Maria Island beach rentals condo surrounded by four of the most beautiful beaches in all of Florida and offers you 150 miles of waterfront, 7 miles of white sand beach lined with fishing piers, heated pool and FREE trolley service on Anna Maria Island.

We have just upgraded "The Anna Maria Island Beach Sands Condo" with:
-all new Tommy Bahama Ocean Collection furniture.
-new King size temperature controlled mattress.
-new 60" television
-new 40" television
-granite counter tops in both washrooms
-new master bedroom suite with matching ceiling fan
-new second bedrooms suite with matching ceiling fan
-contemporary Floridian lighting
-all new contemporary wall art
-all new dishes
-all new cutlery

The kitchen has been completely upgraded with all new contemporary designed oak cupboards, new counter tops, all new appliances with a glass stove top, built in microwave, new contemporary lighting and much more.

For your vacation pleasure our Anna Maria Island condo provides you with keyless door locks, new Tommy Bahama Ocean Collection furniture, new 60" television, HIGH DEFINITION television with over 300 channels, unlimited long distance calling, a new DVD player, a new master bedroom suite with a KING size bed, all new mattresses, a new 40" television, all new state appliances including a glass top stove and convection oven, new lighting and ceiling fans, ULTRA-HIGH-SPEED-INTERNET, unlimited long distance calling, an en-suite washroom in the master bedroom, walk-in closets, air conditioning, two balconies (west & north), phone, cable tv, two flat screen televisions, dvd, dining room, full kitchen, dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer, outdoor grill, balcony over looking the Gulf of Mexico, you can view the Gulf of Mexico from every room in our luxurious condo and watch the sunset from every room as well. With sliding glass doors off the master bedroom and living room the balcony of our Anna Maria Island beach rentals condo provides spectacular views of the beach and is the perfect place to relax and watch the para-sailor's pass by. You can also watch the para-sailor's from every room in this gorgeous Anna Maria Island condo including the living room and master bedroom while watching television.

Additionally our Anna Maria Island beach rentals condo provides you with PRIVATE sheltered parking, 2 spaces, PRIVATE beach access to Anna Maria Island Florida's four breathtaking white powdered sand tropical beaches known as Coquina Beach, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach and Anna Maria Island City Beach, FREE trolley service on Anna Maria Island, local shopping including grocery and several OUTLET MALLS.

For your convenience our Florida beach rental condo is located with-in a few minutes walk of Anna Maria Island's finest waterfront restaurants, waterfront parks, beach shops, gift shops, beach boutiques and the quaint shopping village on historic Bridge St. which continues right out onto the Bridge St. pier famous for dining, fishing and strolling.

Anna Maria Island is affectionately known as the island in the sun and is Florida's best kept secret. With Gulf temperatures averaging 84 degrees and 361 days of sunshine per year the surrounding waters of Anna Maria Island are known as the nursery because of the large number of dolphins that raise their young here. When dining on Anna Maria Island's four gorgeous beaches or it's surrounding coast line it is not uncommon to see dolphins playing. Inspired by Anna Maria Island's natural beauty and only 3 structures on Anna Maria Island higher than 3 stories many artist reside in the area where their works can be found in near by galleries.

Anna Maria Island is accessed by 3 draw bridges. Most residents travel Anna Maria Island by bicycle, electric car or boat. Tourist have the same options of traveling Anna Maria Island as well as FREE trolley service, scooters or automobile.

Our Florida beach rentals condo is conveniently located close to numerous Florida beaches including St. Petersburg Beach Florida, Clearwater Beach Florida, Madeira Beach Florida, Redington Beach Florida, Treasure Island Beach, Florida, Venice Beach Florida, Englewood Beach Florida, Laurel Beach Florida, Siesta Key Beach Florida, Casey Key Beach Florida, Lido Beach Florida, Naples Beach Florida, Apollo Beach Florida, Egmont Key Beach Florida and all Sarasota Florida Beaches.

Also available to you when vacationing at our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals condo is a 96 acre public recreational park over looking the Gulf Of Mexico, a pristine shallow water preserve perfect for viewing wildlife in their natural habitat, Pelican Man's Bird Sanctuary, 4 different beaches manned with life guard stations, a Bay-front park over looking Tampa Bay, churches, libraries, cinemas, Anna Maria Island's award winning Player's Live Theater, Anna Maria Island's award winning restaurants including the Anna Maria Island Oyster Bar and world famous picture perfect Florida sunsets.

Our Florida vacation rentals beach view condo is located just 60 minutes from Busch Gardens Florida, 90 minutes from Walt Disney World Florida, Sea World Florida and Universal Studios Florida. With our close proximity to all Florida Theme Parks this Anna Maria Island beach rentals condo is the perfect location for a Florida beach and Theme Park vacation.

If you decide to rent from us you will receive a new state of the art 14 page digital travel guide plus prior to your arrival you will receive a digital welcome package delivered directly to your phone, tablet or computer containing all the information you will need for your vacation including directions, your 4 digit code to the remote keyless lock, how to work the A/C, how to work the television and appliances, a guide to the best restaurants, a shopping guide, the coolest local tours, ATM machines, grocery stores, the free trolley, boat rentals, things to do and much, much more. The feedback we are receiving from guests is they love this welcome package. When they are out and looking for something to do or some place to eat or looking to plan next day activities all the information they need is at their finger tips.


If booking is cancelled more than 14 days before the check in day, by 3pm local time, 25% of rental will be charged.

If booking is cancelled 7 - 14 days before the check in day, by 3pm local time, 50% of rental will be charged.

If booking is cancelled 7 days or less before the check in day, at/after 3pm local time, the full amount will be charged.




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